The 2020 year of Target Point closes bucking the downward trend in the sector, thanks to two fundamental elements: courage and perseverance.

The courage to choose to invest in the product with the launch of the SILVER collectionvisible from Monday 19 October – and which features the highlight of the Target Point house, the tables and chairs, even more performing from a design point of view.

And the perseverance to continue on a path already undertaken for some years and which marks a progressive expansion of the company, both in physical terms – 3700 active customers have been reached (18% of these abroad) – and in absolute terms, thanks to the 8% increase in turnover in the second quarter, despite the pandemic and the crisis.

The proof of perseverance is also in the company team with the arrival of a new marketing director, Andrea Lunardon, who immediately proved to be aware of what today distinguishes the company: “fast customer service and the constant presence on social channels, used as a sounding board by our retailers for product communication, but also to give support to individuals through advice on the choice of style and combinations and share some useful ideas for furnish your home.

This is Lunardon’s thought, which also compliments a consolidated sales network, made up of motivated sales representatives and trained resellers, capable of meeting the needs of individuals, providing a personalized service.

Even when it comes to the next goals to be achieved and the challenges to prepare for, the new marketing manager has clear ideas: “on the one hand we will focus even more on attention to the private sector to become a reference point for interior design, and on the other hand we will work to increase the loyalty of our retailers through training courses and to support the management of requests for orders and assistance.

Courage and perseverance are the necessary ingredients to transform an action into a great business, necessary conditions to continue doing what we do best: listening to people’s needs, studying new ideas to create congenial solutions and doing it with a smile, proud to continue to contribute to making your homes unique.

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