4 tips for the perfect pouf

The pouf is born in the East as an extra-luxury accessory conceived only for kings. The term in fact derives from the Arab world, where they are made of leather and usually filled with papers and rags; in those areas they are considered as irreplaceable accessories in every house and place, public or private.

In Europe, the pouf has arrived since the nineteenth century and, since then, as well as being a piece of furniture it has become a real design element, created by skilled designers to amaze with shapes and materials.

There are an infinite number of models, each capable of giving originality and personality to any room in the home. Choosing the right one for each room is a breeze thanks to the great variety of styles available, suitable for any type of decoration.

Here are our tips:

  1. Pay attention to the style
  2. The pouf must be in harmony with the surrounding furniture. For example, for a space furnished in classic style you will have to opt for a simple pouf, with an essential design and, possibly, in neutral colors. If you decide to place it in the living room, do not choose the same color as the sofa, but play with contrasts instead. If the environment for which it is intended is instead furnished in a modern style, opt for extravagant shapes, bright colors and eccentric prints, such as those that cover our CITYMAP pouf.

  3. Consider the use you want to make of it
  4. If you are looking for a space-saving solution, choose a container pouf – like PUPO – with an opening lid, which hides a large internal compartment. The upholstery is present all around the structure, but not in the inside: ideal to keep the house always tidy.

  5. Choose the room in which to place it
  6. Because of its versatility, the pouf can be a precious ally in every room of the house. But it is clear that, depending on the function to be performed, it must have a suitable design. For example, if you need an extra table in the bedroom, it is worth opting for a model that can be a bedside table, a container or a tray like our LUDOVIC.

  7. Evaluate the available space
  8. Poufs are not all the same and, as well as clothes, they have different sizes: make sure, therefore, to choose the one which fits perfectly in your home. If you are short of space, we suggest you to choose a small size and compact model, like the model CUBE.

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