A round table to share

Sharing means also to eliminate hierarchies and to put everyone on the same level.
And which is the best place to share?
It is home of course, precisely the kitchen or dining room.

A round table means no head seats; everyone has an important role, everyone contributes to the harmony of our lunch or dinner!

CRONOS is the first Target Point extendable round table, going from a 130 cm diameter to 220 cm lenght.
In this case the central base is graphite, like the tempered glass top; the central extension is in painted MDF matching the top.

In this photo our CRONOS table is proposed with BELLINZONA chairs. Elegant, with a both classic and modern design, BELLINZONA is an upholstered chair with painted wooden frame and Vintage Soft-Touch covered seat.
It is perfect in graphite color, the same of the table.

Target Point, Italian Ideas