AIACE table, a circle opening to new stories

The perfection of the round with the efficiency of the extendable table. Straight from the new Target Point catalog, the AIACE table brings something new to the living room.

Closed it presents the regular shape of the circle, the diameter is 120 cm, the top is made of wood-effect laminate with register pore, which means that the perception of the authenticity of the material is also to the touch, or the top can be even more contemporary in brushed laminate, clean, essential.

The central extension leaf is also made of the same material. In the moment of need, in fact, the AIACE table opens by extending up to 180 cm to accommodate even more diners, to become the centerpiece of new stories and new adventures.

Aiace rests on a metal frame, available in four color references to match the chosen top.

Target Point, Italian Ideas