Did you know that among all metals, silver is the best heat conductor?

Starting from this premise, the new SILVER collection seems to do just that: it transmits warmth.

It does so through its new tables, thanks to the impactful design, the new finishes for both table basements and tops, the solidity of the materials. It does so with the new chairs, designed to accommodate guests helping a good posture while perfectly matching the table finish, and with the inclusion of innovative home furnishings solutions, such as the modern style bench for 2 or 3 seats to be used instead of chairs on the widest side of the table, always in perfect combination with the same-design chair and stool.

The many new models with Hellenic names promise to make many people fall in love.

Our new products will soon be visible in the furniture shops of our collaborators and, believe us, it will be nice to touch them with your hand.

You will be able to perceive how the laminate used in the table tops changes depending on the chosen finish, and you will be able to test its reliability and resistance. You can choose between many models of tables with different basements, such as those in metal effect finishes (bronze, silver and lead), and again you can test the chairs and armchairs, taking your time, because it will be difficult to get up afterwards.

Let yourself be conquered by the warmth of the new SILVER collection: a brand-new emotion to discover!

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