An armchair for your bedroom

Positioning an armchair in the bedroom will allow you to create a corner dedicated to relax, and a point of support when you change your clothes.

Before setting off to find the bedroom chair that suits you, stop and consider some factors.

The first element to consider is space: if the bedroom is small, a large armchair would risk preventing the passage between the bed and the various elements of the room, such as the window, the wardrobe or the door.
Although the armchair is beautiful and comfortable, having to jump on it to move around is not the easiest solution! Among bedroom armchairs there are also beautiful small pieces, particularly suitable for small environments.

The armchair, then, is not a lone element, to be placed at the center of an aseptic environment, it must instead merge with the other objects, creating a harmonious balance.
Consider the existing furniture, the style of your room and the main element: the bed.

What we propose today is to combine the NEVADA armchair, with a wide seat and structure in solid satin steel, with the ROMA bed, upholstered also in the headboard and with a patented mechanism that, with just one action, activates the movement of armrest, headrest and lumbar support.

The material is the same, the soft Soft-Touch, which guarantees continuity in style. The colors, on the other hand, are antithetical: Tortora finish for the bed, shade Lighter cord for the armchair. Playing with contrasts will make your room very chic, elegant and not monotonous.

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