On July 20th, 50 years ago, astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon. They were the first to achieve that goal, during the mission called APOLLO 11.

Apollo is also the name of a Greek god, famous for his power and his beauty.

It is therefore a name destined to remain in history and, perhaps for this reason, our designers gave this name to one of the tables of the new LIVING PLUS collection.

APOLLO, available in both the 160 cm and 180 cm versions (the latter reaches 280 cm with two practical lateral extensions), is a table with a solid painted or brushed metal central base with an orthogonal design.

The table top, conceived in tough laminate, perfectly shows the aesthetic features of wood, as it is made with an innovative production process technically defined as “sychro-texture”, which allows to reproduce on the panel the exact depth and direction of the wood grain.

All the beauty and warmth of wood in the practicality of a material that is resistant and adaptable to every need. Just think of the possibility of choosing between four finishes (Beaver, Country, Contry White and Desert) that can be coordinated with the metal base colour.

With a name that pays homage to greatness and destined to remain in history, we are sure that this table will help you to make your home special.

Target Point, Italian Ideas