Asterion table, wood-effect in the kitchen

Maybe it’s a new fashion, or maybe a real need, but nowadays the demand for natural elements at home is very strong.

Today’s families prefer to touch objects that come from the world of nature and fully feel every fiber of it.

And when this is not possible, technology comes to help: the best solution is to bring home a natural effect without giving up the resistance and the safety of a durable and resistant piece of furniture.

So green light to wood-effect tables, in a fusion of classic, vintage and modern style.

Like in the enviroment in this picture, where our ASTERION table, extendable from 180 cm up to almost 3 meters, shows structure, top and extensions in Natural oak wood-effect laminate. The warmth of nature is combined with the resistance of this technological material.
The natural element is here proposed together with the modern style of the FUTURA chair, made of transparent polycarbonate, hyper-resistant to impacts, weight and bending.
For a conscious, modern and comfortable home.

It is possible to choose the ASTERION table also in the following wood-effect finishings: Beaver, Country, White Country and Desert.

Target Point, Italian Ideas