2019 Bonus on Furniture (Bonus Mobili) purchase

The first months of the year are always a good time to make plans, think about new purchases and maybe improve our lives by renewing the spaces where we live, work, and spend time with the dearest ones.

These are commitments that we take with ourselves or with our family, and that sometimes we can achieve more easily than we think. For example, if we are able to take advantage of the benefits available to us. In particular, one of the most concrete opportunities in Italy for those wishing to plan a furniture purchase, even important, can be obtained using the Furniture and Home Appliances 2019 Bonus (Bonus Mobili ed Elettrodomestici 2019) confirmed for the current year and valid until December 31st. Get information about Furniture Bonuses in your Country.

How does the Bonus work?

In Italy, to take advantage of the Bonus Mobili / Furniture and Home Appliances Bonus, it is necessary to proceed with an home renovation from 1 January onwards and to make an expense in furnishings not exceeding 10,000 euros.

Furthermore, the renovation works must be documented by a self-certification (if free building regime) or by Scia, Dia, Cila or Cil certifications.

Be careful: remember to buy and pay furniture ONLY AFTER the start of the renovation, otherwise you will not be able to access the bonus.

Which furniture can I buy with the Bonus?

With the bonus you can have facilities for: tables, beds, wardrobes, desks, drawers, bedside tables, armchairs, bookcases, cupboards, lighting and chairs.

How much is the Bonus?

The Italian Furniture Bonus amounts to a deduction of 50% on new furniture and big electric appliances, and can be used by all those who are subject to IRPEF or IRES taxes and will be given in 10 annual tranches – one for each year starting from the year after the date of the payment for the renovation.

Documents that must be kept.

It is better keeping the following documents for at least 10 years:

  • All expense invoices
  • Bank transfer receipt
  • Declaration of renovation
  • Documentation of the payment from the current account