Carrara marble porcelain stoneware top for Poseidone table

In environments like the one in the picture, which is a loft obtained from a former industrial building, heights and brightness are advantages to be exploited.
With small tricks, such as mezzanines, it is possible to create new and creative spaces, from which to look at a large and striking table, lit up by large windows.
The apartment is furnished with refined and contemporary solutions, perfectly functional, versatile and flexible being adaptable to any living environment as a tailored suit, and customized according to different needs and tastes.

The POSEIDONE table, extendable up to a 250 cm length, features a highly resistant Carrara marble porcelain stoneware top, elegant and modern, on a White painted metal structure. This clean and striking finishing is ideal for enhancing the base, presenting a strong and sophisticated design at the same time.
In this case our POSEIDONE table been combined with the GRENOBLE chair. The capitonné effect gives elegance to the seat, extremely comfortable thanks to the Soft-Touch, in this case in the Vintage Ice Gray finishing. The structure is stable and resistant, in painted wood coordinated with the seat colour.

The POSEIDONE table is available with the following finishings of porcelain stoneware top: Carrara, Cement, Graphite, Bamboo or Arabesque, with metal frame matching the top.
Alternatively, the top can also be in tempered glass with Extra White, Graphite or Corda finishing, with metal frame matching the top.
The GRENOBLE chair is also available with White, Graphite, Turtledove or Tobacco Soft-Touch seat.

Target Point, Italian Ideas