Citylife: 10-years-work timelapse video

Ten years of work at Citylife in a spectacular video of just 4 minutes.

On one hand, a project whose construction began in 2007 and which redesigned the Milan skyline in an area of ​​over 250 thousand square meters including the Isozaki tower (209 meters), the Hadid tower (177 meters) and the Libeskind tower (175 meters), the recovery of the former sports hall Pavilion 3 (now Palazzo delle Scintille) and a park that – after completion – will cover 170 thousand square meters.
On the other hand, the extraordinary documentation work of the photographer Alberto Fanelli: he photographer started in July 2009 by planting his Canon DSLR on the ninth floor of a building with a view on the work area for Citylife, he pointed it at the space where the three skyscrapers were to rise and set the timer to take a picture every hour. After the first two years, he showed the result to the Citylife direction, that approved his work, bought the images and financed the rest of the project. Which now has expanded to five shooting points.

The final video, the result of 10 years of filming, is a timelapse of just over 4 minutes that visually recounts the growth of the three Citylife towers, that we see rising slowly as it was a Lego animation.

Cover image @Daniel Libeskind Studio