Cocktail at home: which shaker to choose

Together with the summer comes the desire for fresh cocktails: alcoholic or non-alcoholic but always ice-cold, they are an opportunity for a meeting with friends. And if we want to recreate this same experience at home and be able to mix our favorite cocktails, we just need to choose the right tools to keep at hand. First of all, the shaker: but which one is right for us?

The shaker: Boston, Cobbler or Parisian

Whether we are home or professional bartenders, if we do not want to limit ourselves in the choice of our drinks, we cannot miss a mixer: a shaker is definitely necessary.
The choice falls on three distinct types of shakers:

Boston Shaker

The Boston Shaker boston shakeralso called “American Shaker” – includes the “tin”, that is a lower part in stainless steel, and an upper part traditionally made in glass – but they can also be found in steel – with a smaller diameter. Among the pros: the intuitive and safe closure, but above all the excellent amalgamation of the ingredients thanks to which the Boston is considered the most versatile among shakers – excellent also with fruit juices. It is also very easy to clean and spectacular to see in action. The only possible drawback is the frangibility of the upper part – if we prefer it to be in glass.

Cobbler Shaker

The Cobbler Shaker is cobbler shakerinstead made up of three steel parts: the tin that will contain the ingredients, the hat or lid to close everything, and a dome that acts as a filter in the middle. Its great advantage is that it does not need an extra filter if we want to make cocktails without perhaps the pulp, on the other hand for the same reason this shaker is more difficult to clean than the Boston. However, the aesthetic component should not be underestimated: the Cobbler is in fact a little less practical and quick to use than the Boston, but it features a greater elegance look.

Shaker Parisienne

Lo Parisian Shaker (or French Shaker) hasparisian shaker only two parts like the Boston, a container and a lid, made in metal or plastic. It is as easy to clean as its American counterpart, although it has low oxygenation. But its real highlight is its beauty and its bullet shape which makes it by far the most pleasing to the eye.

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