Coffee table, which one to choose?

Choosing a coffee table to furnish your living room represents a rather important choice, which should be made taking into consideration several factors, first of all, the style that characterizes your home, and in particular your living room of course. The coffee table for the living room is a piece of furniture that must be functional first of all, but what will be the other features to be taken into account during our choice? Here are our tips.

A coffee table doesn’t necessarily have to have only one shelf, we can take advantage of the height with various shelves-perhaps convertible-that will help us keep the living room tidy: books and magazines, home remotes or small accessories we use every day.
The extra idea is to have two different heights that create an original design and different options for storing everyday objects.
Our recommendation: TRASLO COFFEE TABLE

The bar corner
The coffee table can also be used as a bar corner and accommodate bottles of bitters or even keep those on hand to offer to guests. Whether as a recessed or countertop item, the bar table is very practical and cheerful.
Our recommendation: UP COFFEE TABLE, available with an integrated tray.

Many side tables, many endorsements
Instead of using one large side table, we take advantage of the flexibility of small side-by-side or stackable side tables. If they are stackable they can be compacted into a single element taking up little space, while when opened it becomes very useful for many functions.
Our recommendation: TOWER COFFEE TABLE.

The dining table
Sometimes there is very little living and dining room space, in these cases it is better to remove a bulky table and make the most of technology to turn our coffee table into a real dining table.
You can use the sofa as a seat or choose a fully liftable coffee table and match it with folding chairs.
Our recommendation: DIONE PLUS COFFEE TABLE

Round, square?
The shape of the coffee table is dictated by the space between armchairs and sofas. Long and narrow if the sofa is one, square or round if the coffee table becomes the centerpiece of the living area. The height should be calculated according to the sofas; it should not be higher than the seat but slightly lower. For size, the most popular rule to follow is to consider the space for passage and legs: at least 40 cm, better 50.

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