The coffee table is a real must have in the living area. Regardless of where it is placed, it always maintains a leading role in the living room.

Its function is not only aesthetic. Think about it: where are the smartphone or the novel we are reading going to be put?

For these reasons, when choosing a coffee table to place in the living room, it is important to take into consideration several factors. First of all, the style that characterizes your home. And which material is more versatile in terms of combinations than glass?
But the arguments in favour of this material, too often considered delicate and difficult to clean, do not end there.

  1. A glass coffee table is suitable for both large and small spaces: its transparency coming from lights and reflections makes the room brighter, and gives the impression that it is larger.
  2. Its transparency does not weigh down the room and goes well with all styles. It seems almost invisible in the midst of the rest of the furniture and the sofa, but it will be impossible not to notice it if we know how to enhance it.
  3. A glass coffee table is perfect for those who appreciate a minimal style of furniture being an invisible presence, a discreet guest in a room characterized by essential furnishings and lines.
  4. It is not bulky, it never tires the eye, and never goes out of style.
  5. A glass table is easy to clean, and is not likely to be damaged in contact with hot liquids, as could happen – for example – with a wooden one.

Now you just have to choose the shape and size that you like best: DIAGONAL, DOUBLE, OCEAN are some of the models created by our designers. Choose your favourite from our catalogue.

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