Coffee tables and coffee table books

A nice living room or sitting room coffee table is also an opportunity to show off a “coffee table book”, a volume that seems to be made specifically to be leafed through and passed from hand to hand among our guests.
The table book fashion trend requires it to be a thick volume of large dimensions and full of images which can offer several topics for guests and diners: design, travel, art, hobbies, décor … Here we chose five perfect coffee table books among the most interesting published in recent years – each one combined with a cool design coffee table.

Destinations of a Lifetime: 225 of the World’s Most Amazing Places

viaggi della vitaDestinations of a Lifetime: 225 of the World’s Most Amazing Places” s the encyclopaedia of the travel-dreamer: 200 photos taken by official National Geographic photographers that bring us to the discovery of as many fairy tale destinations. In between there are all the ideas you need to dream and plan your next trip: the Hiilawe Falls in Hawaii, the almost extra-terrestrial landscape of the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen, the reborn Marseille, the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, the Bolivian plateau or the Horseshoe Bend rocky meanders in Colorado.
Then, to facilitate our research work we could use WING coffee table by Target Point where we can place the book and consult it easily thanks to the handy mobile side element that allows us to elevate the support surface.

McCurry. Portraits

mccurry Steve McCurry is one of the most important names in contemporary photography and the collection “Portraits” brings together his most iconic works. A title that inevitably evokes the most notorious photo of the American photographer – the “Afghan Girl” – but also demonstrates McCurry’s propensity for these subjects.

As he himself admits: “n the portraits I look for the moment of vulnerability in which the pure soul reveals itself and life experiences appear engraved on the face. […] For me the portraits in this book convey the desire for human relationships, a desire so strong that people, aware of the fact that they will no longer see me, open up to the lens in the hope that someone, on the other side, will see them; someone who will laugh or suffer with them. In the infinity of photographs taken in more than twenty years, these are the faces that I cannot forget..”
A small table book that would fit perfectly on the FRAME S coffee table by Target Point.

Wine folly: the master guide

arte del vino The perfect table book for those who are starting to take an interest in wine: a mat cover with captivating graphics – which immediately attracts the eye and will make us look good with friends who will come to us for an aperitif-, “Wine folly: the master guide” contains information on production of wine labels, conservation, service.
An easy-to-consult guide that can be useful not only in choosing and tasting wine, but also for being handed over in a convivial evening. Those who want to always have it available, can put it inside the comfortable internal compartment of TRASLO coffee table by Target Point and take it out as needed, maybe after dinner, when we decide to drink a glass of good red wine.

Bauhaus by Magdalena Droste

bauhausBauhaus was the revolutionary school of design, applied arts, furniture and architecture founded by Walter Gropius. Magdalena Droste, scholar of art and literature and collaborator of the Bauhaus Archive in Berlin, wrote this great book which is a splendid summa of that German school thanks above all to the sparkling photographic equipment: rich, elegant and comprehensive as Taschen books often are.
If one of Gropius’s lessons was “design at the service of functionality”, then a book on the Bauhaus can only match with the small design masterpiece that is the ORBITAL coffee table by Target Point.


Norwegian wood: Chopping, Stacking, and Drying Wood the Scandinavian Way

norwegian woodNorwegian wood: Chopping, Stacking, and Drying Wood the Scandinavian Way” was an unexpected editorial case and is definitely a unique table book: Lars Mytting does not only teach to cut and stack wood -as the title suggests-, but rather gives us a lesson on the relationship between man and nature, telling us about the simple lives and habits of Norwegian loggersi.
As Marco Belpoliti wrote about it in Repubblica newspaper: “Even if you don’t cut wood, even if you don’t stack it for the winter, even if you don’t have a stove and live in temperate areas radiated by the sun all year round, this book is for you“.
For a book with this minimalist and humanist philosophy, we recommend a minimal coffee table such as CLESSIDRA by Target Point .

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