COPERNICO table, a revolution in the dining room

It’s time to revolutionize your living area with the COPERNICO table!

With its steel base, lacquered MDF stem and painted metal frame, it provides stability and solidity, giving balance to an entire room.

The top, made of porcelain stoneware or glass, is barrel-shaped. This means that the ends of the table narrow slightly, creating that roundness effect capable of embellishing the top and giving the idea of bringing diners even closer together.

Because a table must not only be beautiful. A table must be the instrument that generates union, joy, complicity. Sitting around a table means having the desire to interweave conversations, to deepen, to clarify, to clash, and then to reconcile.

And to do that you need a table that is solid, but also hospitable and functional.

Target Point, Italian Ideas