Cronos, the beauty of a round table

CRONOS is the round table with a base born from the meeting of straight lines intersecting each other as in a dance, on which an extendable top rests.

The structure is in painted metal available in the dark graphite color, light corda color or in the bright optical white version.

The top, which measures 130 cm, is in colored tempered glass, coordinated with the chosen color of the structure, and opens up to 2 meters thanks to the resistant central extensions in MDF, always matching the top.

Cronos is the table for those who love the round shape, but above all the light and reflections given by the glass, the element that stands out most in this product.

Cronos is also available with a veneered wood top, in the non-extendable version.

It is available with painted or brushed metal frame. Also in this case in 4 colors: white, graphite, vintage brown or brushed silver and the matching top is available in 4 different shades, such as walnut, lead, country or tobacco.

Target Point, Italian Ideas