Dare and customize your sideboard

Versatility is one of the main keywords of modern furniture. It could not be otherwise, given that the need to reconcile aesthetic and practical needs with the general livability of spaces is becoming ever stronger.

Therefore, a capacious sideboard becomes a really important element in a dining room. But this is not enough. Beyond that, the practicality and resistance of the furniture must be of primary importance, just as the aesthetics.
Our ELECTA QUADRA sideboard is the perfect synthesis for us.

Its main characteristic is the 45-degrees edge processing, both in the upper part and in the lower part. This particular technique is what allows the elimination of superfluous elements such as handles: both doors and drawers can be easily opened thanks to the inclination of the edge.

The high degree of customization, moreover, allows you to create different solutions for every type of furniture or effect in your kitchen or living room.

ELECTA QUADRA can be, in fact, a single color sideboard with a clean and essential tone: it is possible to choose among the whole range of laminates (Pearl, Beaver, Country or Desert) to complete the furnishing with any nuance needed.
Those who want to give up an original touch can always choose to combine the different finishings, one for the upper and lower doors and one for the central drawers.

But that is not all. It is possible, in fact, to give further rhythm to your furniture alternating also different materials, in addition to different colors.
In fact, you can choose to customize the top of ELECTA QUADRA with neutral or decorated metal, or with porcelain stoneware.

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