DETROIT chair, balanced between contemporary and vintage

“A chair is a very difficult object. A skyscraper is almost simpler.” This is how German architect Mies van der Rohe described his work in designing his iconic chair in a Time article in February 1957.

Designing a chair, in fact, is always a challenge between aesthetics, design, usability and experimentation. Our designers are well aware of this, and when they designed the DETROIT chair, they paid close attention to the aesthetics while always taking into account practicality and comfort, so as not to limit the livability of the rooms.

The name is that of the “Motor City,” the capital of the U.S. automobile industry, and its design recalls industrial atmospheres for an urban mood with retro overtones.

The vintage soft-touch upholstery that covers the seat and frame of the DETROIT chair together with its shape, given by the superimposition of squared geometric elements, are able to create a complex interplay of contemporary and vintage balances.

All the charm of modern metropolises in the dining room, in the colors Ice, Graphite, Tobacco or Turtledove.

Target Point, Italian Ideas