Don’t forget the entryway

The first area family and friends see when they are welcomed into your home is your entryway, so naturally, you want it to be inviting. From the moment you walk in the door, your entryway should invoke the warm feeling that this is home.

Make sure the entryway furniture, paint color and seating you choose send the right message: here’s some basic rules.

  • It must be comfortable and functional at the same time
  • It should follow the style of the house (modern if the home décor is modern, classic or shabby chic, multicolor or vintage)
  • Put a console that closely matches the space but that is also functional and useful for emptying the pockets
  • Say yes to complements such as a chair, an armchair, a pouf
  • It is useful to insert a mirror, to be arranged before going out, but also to confer more space to the zone
  • Don’t forget coat and umbrella stands. If they are not in the entrance, where else they could be?
  • If your entryway is not separate from the rest of the house, you can resort to an optical effect painting the part of a different shade
  • Characterized with a special framework or with your photos
  • To transmit good vibrations turn to a prosmoker for environments or to a beautiful bunch of fresh flowers
  • To make it really original, let yourself be guided by your creative spirit: use wall stickers or wallpaper

Put your entryway furniture to work for you by having it usher guests into your home. Visit our site for a vast selection of tables, storage, benches that reflect your personal style in the threshold of your home.

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