Each table needs his lamp

Once you have chosen your table, deciding which lamp is suitable is not always an easy task. Sometimes different colors, shapes and styles only do generate confusion and, in the end, finding the right lighting can seem impossible.

This is why, together with our designers with whom we study the settings for our combinations, we have prepared a series of tips that can help you:

  • The basic rule
  • The right lighting is achieved with at least three different light sources: ambient, functional and atmospheric lights. Remember to always combine table lamps with wall or floor lamps. Only in this way the lighting will be really uniform and balanced.

  • Watch out for the shape
  • If it is true that opposites attract each other, in this case lamp and table are the exceptions that confirm the rule. For optimal lighting, in fact, the shape of the lamp and that of the table should be as similar as possible.
    A round table would prefer circular lamp with a harmonious and modern look, exactly as in the et of our CRONOS extendable round table.
    The clean lines of a rectangular table, however, find the right complement in lamps with more elaborate structures, as in the case of the ASTERION table. The combination of more light points is also good, as in the setting of our MARTE table.

  • Evaluate the context
  • Table lighting should also be chosen based on its location within the environment. For example, if it is under a window or near a door, it is better to opt for a floor lamp with adjustable arms, such as the one that illuminates the HERCULES table.

  • Height matters
  • Dining room lamps must be placed at least 60 cm from the table: the table will be perfectly illuminated, the light beam will not disturb the guests and the lamp and table will form a harmonious whole.
    Eating on the perfect table is not a trivial matter, but lighting will also help you to make your evenings more pleasant and harmonious.

    Target Point, Italian Ideas