Easter table

Easter this year will be, with no doubt, atypical. The lightheartedness of the period leaves room for awareness of the moment we are living.
But this does not mean that this beautiful spring holiday cannot be celebrated peacefully.

Here are some tips to make your Easter table special:

  1. Bring out the best dinner service
  2. Choose the colors! The table must be colored with pastel colors or with the shades of spring green, exceed in chromatism, everything will be beautiful!
  3. Don’t forget the details, placeholders, centerpieces, candles, even if you will be the only diners at the table!
  4. Decorate everything you can decorate and use everything you have at home, including recycled objects and involve the children … they will infuse the right spirit into the house.
  5. Treat yourself flowers and plants, beautify the house with the colors of nature: that brings a good mood.
  6. Think of the menu, it must be special! So you can take care of it if you are expert chefs or you can order it, the important thing is to eat properly.
  7. Try to make the dessert, do it with your own hands, it will certainly be tastier!

HAPPY EASTER from all of us!
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