EASY-LIFT, the patented system for your bed

EASY-LIFT is certainly one of the excellence of Target Point. It is our patented lifting mechanism allows lifting the mattress and making your bed with ease, no need of bending.

Easy-Lift is the system that, through a double movement, allows at the same time, an easy and comfortable remaking of the bed with no need of bending. The mattress remains inside the perimeter of the bed without protruding from the footboard side.

This is a very important thing, especially in the little bedroom. The cabinet is often positioned in front of the bed (on the part of the footboard): our Easy Lift casing system allows lifting the mattress without protruding it from the footboard side, letting the opening of the cabinet.

With Easy-Lift system you can use available space in the most efficient way. Simple, effective, innovative.

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