ECLIPSE 200 table, majestic and cozy

Eclipse 200, in the fixed version with barrel top, is the table with an important white polyurethane structure with sinuous lines, but well anchored to the ground, almost like one of those monumental sculptures that define the landscape. The union of two ellipses that together generate infinity, an uninterrupted flow of pure energy.

Above the base, the fixed top in Canaletto Walnut wood veneer. Majestic, precious and cozy with its original 200 cm long barrel shape, well prepared to host joyful diners, but also beautiful free from any object.

The thickness of the top is 4 cm, which is important because it must support and remain intact over time. The 30 ° inclination plays the role of making the mightiness of the top itself graceful.

It is a masterpiece of nature and technical design that leads ECLIPSE to be one of the most popular tables for those who love beauty and want to bring a precious area of ​​the home to life.

Eclipse 200 is also available with a rectangular top in veneered wood or porcelain stoneware or tempered glass.

Target Point, Italian Ideas