ECLIPSE table harmony and elegance meet with a timeless design

The frame seems to recall the imperishable Hellenic art, harmony and elegance together for a timeless design.
The structure is in polyurethane and is available in three versions (white, graphite and corda) and It is the great protagonist of the ECLIPSE table.

In the version with barrel top, on this very particular base, 230 cm of veneered wood top rests, making this model majestic, contemporary, elegant.

The table heads slightly tighten creating an effect of movement capable of enhancing the piece even more, and giving the idea of bringing the diners even closer to each other.
Because a table doesn’t just have to be beautiful. A table must be the tool that generates union, joy, complicity. Sitting around a table means wanting to talk, deepen, clarify, clash, too, and then make peace.

ECLIPSE is the table capable of changing the idea of ​​living room or dining room. An important presence in the daily challenges and joys.

Target Point, Italian Ideas