ELECTA sideboard, linearity and elegance

Elegance often hides behind the simplicity and linearity of the shapes.
And so we do with ELECTA sideboard.

Created to accommodate objects in a rational way thanks to the 3 large drawers and the three spaces below, it has come to be considered one of the most elegant sideboards in the Target Point collection.

It may be due to the upper edge worked at 45 °, or to the efficiency of the laminate available in the different wood-effect finishes (from the warmest tone to the most sublime one, pearl). Or, again, for the possibility of combining 2 different finishes between drawers and doors or for the freedom to choose the top, in simple or decorated Vintage iron with an industrial touch or in porcelain stoneware, resistant and elegant.

Or also for the feet, in painted metal that support the entire volume of the sideboard.

Each element is studied in detail to achieve the desired effect.

Simplicity that, never like this time, is synonymous with elegance, linearity that becomes refinement, contemporaneity that enhances the design.

Target Point, Italian Ideas