Extra Home Accessories: Dog Heating Pads

Winter is coming also for our four-legged friends: we indeed provided them with a corner in the house or a real kennel, but maybe at night – when the heating is off – they might get cold. Or maybe they have an outdoor kennel that we fear will not shelter them sufficiently during the months with lower temperatures. In both cases, the solution to be adopted may be the purchase of a heating pad. Comfortable, warm and safe for our dog.

Which type of pads?

When we talk about dog mats, we usually refer to two very distinct types.
The first are electric heating pads: they are connected to an electrical outlet with a cable and are safe as they are resistant to the bites of our animal. Indeed, they are doubly safe as they are usually equipped with automatic shutdown systems in the event of malfunctions. They are obviously suitable for colder places.
The second ones are instead wireless self-heating pads: they are made of heat-insulating materials, they are obviously without electricity and especially suitable for interiors or if we have a particularly lively dog ​which we may fear to insistently bite the cables. This type also includes the so-called “vetbed” pad: it is a hypoallergenic mat, transpiring the liquids and insulating against cold and humidity. They are particularly suitable for puppies and elderly dogs who may have incontinence problems: with a vetbed they will always remain not only warm but also dry.

Which pads to buy?

There are many different models of dog pads on the market. We have chosen some of the best among electric, self-heating and vetbed ones.

  • Toozey electric heating pad. It is one of the most comfortable and functional electric dog mats covered in waterproof PVC: available in different sizes; with adjustable shutdown timer at 4, 8, 12, 24 hours; with six programmable temperature levels.
  • Pecute electric heating pad (50 x 40). This is a waterproof PVC coated mat with similar characteristics to the previous one (six adjustable temperatures; four timer levels) but for small and medium sized pets.
  • MoraPets self-heating pad for cats and dogs (61 x 46). A mat for small to medium-sized dogs equipped with: ultra-soft and silent fabric thanks to the mylar material; easy-to-wash removable zippered liner.
  • Amazon Basics Self-Heating Round Pet Pad. This Amazon model is pleasantly distinguished by its different shape: instead of being the classic carpet, it looks almost a carpet-armchair given its pleasant shell shape. Obviously present are all the basic characteristics of self-heating: made with isothermal material (mylar); covered in faux sherpa fleece; and is easily machine washable.
  • Non-slip Vetbed Pad. Among all the models of vetbed mats this is one of the most comfortable and functional: it is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, non-irritant; with heat-insulating properties; can be machine washed at 40 degrees.

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