FAI Spring Days 2019 – March 23-24: five masterpieces of architecture

The FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano– Italian Environment Fund) Spring Days always give the opportunity to visit places that are little known or usually not open to the public. We offer a small selection of five masterpieces not to be missed for lovers of both modern and contemporary architecture. Here we propose a little taste of the wonders made available by the FAI in this first spring weekend.

Olivetti area (Pozzuoli)

The Olivetti factory with sea view designed by architect Luigi Cosenza covers an area of ​​30,000 square meters and used to be participated by 1,300 workers. A masterpiece of illuminated industrial architecture.

Collenea Palace: Swing Design Gallery (Benevento)

This 17th century palace property of the Coscia family, which was expanded in the 18th century by architect Pasquale di Juliis and modified by Gaetano Barba, from 2018 hosts the Swing Design Gallery: a space dedicated to the promotion of international design talents.

Geiringer Palace – Assicurazioni Generali palace (Trieste)

Historic headquarters of Assicurazioni Generali designed by Eugenio Geiringer, Geiringer Palace was the first Triestine building equipped with electric light and central heating. During the visit it will be possible to have exceptional access to old times photographs, posters, historical documents and works of art.

Italian Development Cooperation Agency (Florence)

The actual Florence office of the Italian Development Cooperation Agency was completed in 1941 to a design by Aurelio Ghersi and is surprising for the extremely contemporary taste of the exterior and for the decorations with exotic patterns of the interiors. Inside you can visit: the library, the photo library and the vast garden containing over 350 species of tropical and subtropical plants.

Bank of Italy (Bari)

The Bari branch of the Bank of Italy dates back to 1932 and presents several elements of absolute architectural merit, including the main hall with neo-liberty ceiling windows, the ecliptic marble staircase, the Council room with the astonishing coffered ceiling.

Cover Image: Palazzo Geiringer. Source: File Commons Wikimedia;
Author: Zinn;
Licence: CC BY-SA 3.0

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