Furnish with optical illusions

By now it is common knowledge: our eye is not very objective! In fact, it gets carried away by colors, geometric lines and optical illusions, slightly losing its sense of measurements. And, in interior design, you can make the most of optical illusions to make an environment more pleasing or even striking.

The most well-known optical illusions in interior design are related to the use of colors: light ones enlarge and enlarge, while dark ones shrink and reduce. And again, vertical lines lengthen and horizontal lines enlarge.

Optical illusions are a great way to enhance the perception of places and, perhaps, even a bit of life.

And what optical illusion is more fascinating and creative than a table made entirely of glass?

This is how CRYSTAL PLUS was born.

An extendable, generously sized table (ranging from 200 cm to 300 cm with extensions) with an aluminum frame, tempered glass top and curved glass leg that creates a wonderful optical illusion. No disturbing elements, the table seems to be suspended while maintaining the stainless Target Point strength, all to enhance the other pieces of furniture and the room in general.

The table’s side extensions are also made of tempered glass, ensuring perfect uniformity of style and strength. The extension mechanism is very simple and intuitive, allowing you to quickly extend the table and adapt it to different space needs.

Thanks to its elegance and functionality, the CRYSTAL PLUS table will be able to meet the needs of anyone who wants a quality piece of furniture, capable of combining design and practicality.

Target Point, Italian Ideas