Furnishing accessories: 5 accounts of Italian artisans

We often need small decorative elements to add to our home environments to complete and personalize them, perhaps cushions, carpets, paintings, ornaments, vases, furnishing accessories that we can choose to match the existing furniture design or to add a of colour or style to the room.
Here are 5 very original Italian artisans Instagram accounts to keep an eye on and from which to buy small and curious objects from among wood and other recycled materials, contemporary mosaics, papier maché, terracotta ceramic creations.

Rossella Casadio

Rossella Casadio is an artist who stands out for her use of recovered materials, transformed while maintaining their characteristics acquired over time to build unique mosaics. The choice of materials and colours is made with care: wood becomes the support for the works and is treated to tell its own story; raku ceramics are broken up and crushed to take on new forms; iron and stainless steel are patinated over time and gold is used for its ability to refract and mounted upside down to create nuances of light and shadow.


Un pesce fuor d’acqua

Is it possible to create art or at least some furniture out of driftwood and scrap? Luca Paroli does exactly this and in his  Instagram account Un pesce fuor d’acqua” (English: a fish out of water) there are plenty of “fish” to hang on our walls to revive any room, modern studio or children’s bedroom.


Mariapia Gambino Papermade

Mariapia Gambino is an artist who uses contemporary materials to create paper and metal commissioned works for a wide audience and small limited edition creations, called “the objects of heart” that tell stories of lights and shadows and that interact with each other through love and poetry. Each creation has its own story and its own possible future and all together they form a family that grows over time and sings a silent chorus of music that enriches the imagination of the observer.


Viviana’s Drifting wood

Viviana is an artisan who transforms wood and waste collected on the beach into unique sculptures. With her work she tries to contribute to the preservation of the planet by giving a second life to abandoned materials found at sea. Viviana accepts commissions but also offers the possibility to choose from the sculptures already available on her Instagram page where there are lots of small objects born from the encounter of the most varied materials: plastic caps, floats, fishing ropes, frying pans, polystyrene, sponges, kitchen utensils, colanders.


Giuliana’s Fairytale pottery

Giuliana is a ceramist, illustrator, dreamer and creative and in her house-laboratory surrounded by greenery she creates what she calls fairy-tale ceramics, produced with semi-refractory clay and cooked twice at 1000 degrees and using a untreated iron rod to support them. The result is small signature objects inspired by the world of fairy tales (spiritual animals, fairies, elves…) that can be hung, used as a centrepiece, scattered in the garden and certainly to be placed in children’s bedrooms to cheer them up.


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