FUTURA chairs, all the lightness of the contemporary

Is your dining room too small and dim? Have you ever thought about replacing your classic chairs with transparent polycarbonate chairs?

The transparent FUTURA chairs have the visual lightness of glass without the disadvantages that this material can have. They are practical and beautiful to look at at the same time.

They are hyper-resistant and can also be used outdoors because they do not get damaged with water and bad weather, they are comfortable and also withstand heavy weights. They are also stackable, so after use they can be stored one on top of the other, without taking up precious space in the house.

Futura chairs are modern, but they can be combined with classic tables in wood, marble or glass, creating a contemporary contrast effect or they can be combined with modern tables with stoneware and laminate finishes.

Futura chairs are essential and functional because attention is focused on the dining room itself, making it larger and brighter.

Target Point, Italian Ideas