Last week we told you about the GIUNONE SIDEBOARD. You asked us to describe it better.

The GIUNONE sideboard is part of the VINTAGE catalog and it is the only one that presents a front made with stoneware inserts obtained from a single slab, which allows to have the same marble effect on the whole length, giving this article a completely original vintage elegance, an absolute unicum.

GIUNONE also has a classic elegance, representing the return to a warm and reassuring design: dark and full colors, a solid structure in synchro-texture laminate and three doors.

The GIUNONE sideboard mixes perfectly with different furnishings, from classic to ultra modern thanks to the different customizable finishes available. The structure and the doors can be chosen in Beaver, Country or Country White wood effect laminate, while stoneware inserts in Carrara, Emperador or Arabescato marble effect stoneware.

Target Point, Italian Ideas