Good managers eat at home

Eat is first of all eat with someone. And when you are alone then eat becomes take care of themselfes.

Luigi Ballerini in “I bravi manager cenano a casa” (“Good managers eat at home”) examines the habits of the families that maintain the good tradition of eat together. Fifty pages to tell something fundamental about food and about one of the greatest feature which distinguishes man from animals.

Eat is not feed, understood as chemical reaction, but it is a relationship made of emotions, words, feelings.
The dinner, level playing field across parents and children, must have a own code, it must be a story telling. That is why we need to give it adequate time, fleeing from the so-called workaholic, namely the habit of working so hard, that sometimes could become a real disease.

So it is very important turn your phone off and think that, when you are eating, the world goes on its own way. A real metting between parents and children helps everyone to become more efficient in our own life.


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