Guide to hammocks: both outdoors and indoors

With the coming of summer, we all feel the increasing desire to enjoy the outdoors, at home or on vacation. To do this, what a better solution than a hammock?
Here is a short guide to the main types of hammocks on the market: from the simplest to the most original models, which are also suitable for reviving your home interior.

Travel / camping / seaside hammock

amaca da viaggioThe strong point of a travel hammock is its practicality: it must be easy to assemble and disassemble. This is why it is usually advisable to choose lightweight, water-repellent and resistant materials (therefore difficult to tear during assembly or disassembly) such as technical fabrics, nylon or polyester when choosing.
Each camping hammock is equipped with two carabiners to be attached to two trees.
Tips: usually the best fabric for this model of hammock is considered nylon as it is soft and light, breathable, resistant, and has the great advantage of drying quickly. The only disadvantage compared to polyester is the lower elasticity. An optional to be evaluated and which can be particularly useful on a damp summer night is certainly a mosquito net.

Where to buy online: we can look for the model that best suits our needs in the great Amazon sea or on amacaonline.

Garden hammock

The garden hammock is the most common and has now become the basic model: it is usually hung between two trees or two beams, but it can also be self-supporting – with metal or wooden support.
Tips: a garden hammock must be fixed with a length of at least 2.70 meters and a height above the ground of 1.5 meters.
Where to buy online: or such a common type, the largest range of choice is certainly on Amazon.

Double hammock

A variant of the garden hammock is the double hammock. The only substantial differences are capacity and size: having to support two people, a hammock with two places must have a minimum width of 1.80 meters, a length (between two trees or two hooks) of about three and a half meters and a height from the ground not less than 1.80 meters.
Where to buy online: the two reference Italian stores for this type are amacagigante”>amacagigante and amacaonline.

Terrace hammock

It is in fact the same garden hammock, but positioned on a balcony or terrace. It is fundamental to keep in mind that it will be necessary to make a hole in the wall to place the hooks and, if the wall is not suitable, buy a hammock with own support.
Where to buy online: if we are looking for a support to solve the problem of the hole in the wall, the best Italian site for hammocks with quality support is

Indoor hammock

amaca da internoSì, una buona soluzione per un’amaca può essere anche sfruttarla in indoor. A a good hammock can also be used indoors. Obviously, provided that you have a house with enough space to place such a bulky piece of furniture – about three meters long. This hammock can undoubtedly delight many children … but also more than a few adults. The solution that involves less difficulty is certainly to prefer a free-standing model, so as not to have to make holes in the walls and at the same time being able to move it easily according to need.
Where to buy online: in this case, the store with the largest number of models is still Amazon.

Rocking hammock / Hammock chair

If we have little space available or we just want a comfortable and enveloping chair, then the rocking hammock or hammock armchair (or again: suspended chair) is the solution for us: we can hang it in the living room, in the terrace or in our children’s room. It is essential to have the opportunity to make a hole in the ceiling to fix the pin. Alternatively, let’s buy a self-standing model.
There are two main types of this hammock: cocoon or egg – which is open on the front this one, or bag. The latter is very suitable for children, like this other one).
Tips: the best materials are nylon or rattan.
Where to buy online: you can find a good selection on maranon; On there is a wide choice of both hanging chairs with pin and self-supporting. On amacaonline you may find some models designed specifically for children.

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