Home curtains: which colour to choose

Each house has its own needs according to furnishing style, spaces -scarce or abundant-, exposure to the sun, need for privacy. The curtains we are going to choose must respond to all these factors if we want a truly pleasant and welcoming environment.

Brightness and privacy

tende biancheDo we want to hang new curtains in a small -and perhaps even north-facing- room or in a room with large windows from which a lot of warm light comes in? In these two cases, the choices we are to make are diametrically opposed.
If the environment is poorly lit or small in size, we would do well thinking about a light and clear fabric, as light tones allow more light to pass through.
On the other hand, if the room is large and bright, we can also indulge ourselves with dark colours.
If the question does not usually arise in the bathroom – where we usually have opaque window glasses to protect us from the invasion of our privacy -, in the bedroom it is a good precaution to prefer non-transparent fabrics or double curtains – regardless of the colour.

The right colour for the right room

Does every room need its own colour? Not exactly.
The colour depends above all on how we live a particular environment: if for example we want a more relaxing place, one that reconciles sleep or rest (ideally: in the bedrooms), then we will be better opting for a range of cold colours, from blue to green.
For spaces most suitable for conviviality such as the living room or a large kitchen where you can share a meal with family and friends, let’s feel free to take advantage of warm colours. However, taking care not to overdo it with reds: better to choose more muted shades towards orange.

Matching colours and furniture

madia modusIf we have furniture with prevailing colours in the room, why not think of a combination with our furnishings?
To each his own, but let’s try to imagine some possible combinations with more classic or more modern furnishings.
So, if we have a table or a sideboard dwith a vintage look and with colours that recall wood, then the ideal combination will be with warm tones – from yellow to orange -, with a classic white or with curtains in shades of grey. In a bedroom with a modern bed in soft colours – such as Santorini or Stromboli beds by Target Point, it is certainly worth reviving the room with more daring curtains in shades of lilac or dark pink.

Target Point, Italian Ideas.