How to choose the right Stool for your kitchen island or counter

A lot of kitchens include islands which double as bars or breakfast tables. But deciding whether or not you want a kitchen island is not the only difficult part. Once that is done you need to focus on choosing the right kitchen counter stools so that they coordinate well with the décor and design while also being comfortable and functional.

There are several different types of stools which could be used in combination with a kitchen island. Some have a classic or traditional design, with a simple wooden frame and an upholstered seat.

Others are quirky with frames make of baseball bats and customized in all sorts of ways. In these cases they’re usually handcrafted and made to order which ensures that each piece is unique.

They can be chosen to coordinate with the countertop in which case you need to be really careful when selecting the color and material.

Our stools are available in lots of different sizes, styles, shapes and materials: choose your style between MODERN or VINTAGE collection!

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