How to clean a stoneware-top table

Are you among the many who have chosen a stoneware-top table by Target Point? Do you have a SATURNO or a MARTE in your kitchen and want to know the best ways to clean them? Here are some simple tips for you!

Before we start, it’s important to understand the material we are dealing with: porcelain gres is a very compact ceramic paste that can be colored and decorated with different patterns. Its compactness makes it very solid and durable; it is not a porous material, so it is waterproof, easily washable and very resistant to the most obstinate stains, as oil ones might be, for example.

Due to its characteristic lack of porosity, dirt does not penetrate into the surface and therefore, for an ordinary cleansing just a few simple considerations are needed. Simply clean your stoneware table using hot water mixed with, depending on your choice:
2-Alcohol and vinegar
3-Kitchen-top specific dedicated products

Be careful to avoid waxes, oil-based products or similar: given the high waterproofness of the stoneware, these products are useless if not harmful, as they make the surface very slippery.

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