How to create a corner bar at home

The conviviality, the desire to be together, the chance to relax and be together with a small group of friends around a table for an aperitive after a day’s work: if we have the right table or counter, then we are only missing the stools to give us that “bar feeling”. So let’s choose them comfortable, with design, and place them at the necessary distance to extend the arm and grab another drink. The new Living Plus collection by Target Point will help us choose.

The aperitif: where?

In Italy, the aperitif is a ritual. But if we want to prepare it at home it is necessary to find the right place and the right spaces: any proper corner-bar must have at least 2 square meters for counter and stools, if we do not want to hinder our movements and those of our guests.
Once we have made sure we have enough space, we must find the most suitable furnishing solution for our desires.
So here are at least two possible ways to think about the aperitif and two easy furnishing solutions:

  • In the kitchen. Ideal if the aperitif is just a prelude to a dinner (among friends). Then a kitchen with a high island table and high stools is what we need.
  • In the dining / living room. This is the main solution, as it lends to various possibilities: whether we want to live the aperitif as a prelude to dinner, or if we prefer it as a single isolated event as a simple parenthesis of relaxation at the end of the day, simple and enjoyable. In both cases, adapting a large space such as the living room is the perfect solution. But only if we have furniture that fits our desires: first and foremost a counter, and then the stools, that should be tall, with a soft and adjustable seat.

There is no aperitif without comfort and design: Digione stools

If we have in mind a comfortable, modern layout of design to prepare our corner bar in our living room, stools must be absolutely perfect, designed to be comfortable, in line with the rest of the furniture and easily adjustable for our guests.
Our Digione Stools of the new Living Plus collection by Target Point are the perfect example: structure in painted metal, seat in microfiber or Soft-Touch with vintage effect, height adjustable down to chair level and available in a wide range of colours.
Comfortably seated on our stools, our guests at this point will wait for nothing but a good drink accompanied by some snacks.
But be careful not to forget that the good host must also have all the necessary features for an aperitif at hand: a bottle opener, a pair of trays, a generous set of small bowls (where to put our appetizers) and a bucket where to keep a good fresh bottle of white wine …!

The Spritz: how to prepare it

Of course, if we have the counter or table, the stools and bowls, the only thing we are missing is the aperitive. Here is how to prepare the typical Venetian aperitif: the spritz.

  • 3 parts of Prosecco or dry white wine
  • 2 parts of Aperol
  • 1 part of Soda
  • 2-3 ice cubes and a slice of orange

For the outdoor diehards: 100 years of Aperol Spritz in Venice

But sometimes the house is not enough, and we don’t want to make the spritz by ourselves. Then we may abandon our beautiful corner bar to take the opportunity of Aperol’s 100th Anniversary and celebrate the most beloved of Italian aperitifs in an exceptional location: Piazza San Marco in Venice.
Here, on Saturday 29 June Aperol will organize its 100 years concert-event with Max Gazzè, Francesca Michielin and the Måneskin. Participate and win a meeting with the artists, or the option travel + two-night stay: go to the Aperol website and take part in the quiz game!

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