How to Decorate Your Home According to Your Zodiac Sign

If you check your horoscope regularly and think there’s real value in mysterious power of astrology, you probably already know how to dress, date, and do your makeup according to your sun sign. And even if you’re not a full-on believer, there’s something intriguing about learning how to live better based on exactly where and when you were born. Incorporate this knowledge into how you decorate your home is one of the lesser-discussed—but more fun—ways to play with astrology.

Fiery Mars rules Aries, so vibrant shots of crimson and hot pink are perfect for this sign. Avoid muted colors and bolster your spirits with bright tones, especially in the office, which will keep you motivated. You need a room of your own because of your highly intellectual and imaginative nature—let your artistic side out in a painting studio or yoga room. Decorate with inspirational mementos, trophies, or images of your accomplishments, as well as plenty of bookshelves.

Taurus rules material objects and the arts and needs to live in a comfortable space with the best of everything. Persian rugs, paintings, deep leather sofas, and artfully framed photographs do well. Your home is a showcase for your fine taste, and you love to entertain your guests in style. Focus on places to relax in the living room and decorate with Cognac, browns, and neutral tones.

Symbolized by twins, Gemini craves variety and often can’t settle on a specific style for very long. You love eclectic prints, color, and accents. Unusual color palettes like orange and lavender or hot pink and chartreuse don’t look out of place in your home, but try toning down your decor with just a few standout pieces so it’s not too stimulating. Focus on social areas where you can create a vibrant entertaining space.
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Ruled by the moon, Cancer should decorate with silver, pale blue, and shimmering whites. Surround yourself with soothing sentimental objects like souvenirs, family albums, and framed photos. You love to cook and eat, so the kitchen is the perfect place for you to entertain. A large, rustic farm table is a great way for you to gather friends for a fun night at home.

Your home is a castle with exotic influences, plenty of natural light, and bold colors. Picture gold accents, deep red, brilliant turquoise, and sandy brown. Leos love to hold court for large gatherings in a formal dining area with fine china. As a fire sign, you also crave an inviting sitting area, especially if it has a fireplace and animal-print accents. A Leo’s home will be decorated with Renaissance paintings or African ceremonial masks as well as vintage photographs.
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The sign that tends toward perfectionism most is Virgo, whose home is clean, orderly, and Zen-like. This can be seen most in the kitchen, which is meticulously organized and should feature neutral colors such as celadon green, dove gray, or white without anything too decorative. Try accessorizing with fresh flowers, vases, and books for pops of color throughout the home.
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Libras are ruled by Venus, the beauty planet, and love a stylish and elegant home filled with beautiful objets. The scale represents the most artistic sign of the zodiac, which can be seen in your knack for balanced proportions and coordinating, often symmetrical decor choices. Focus on a dressing room or master bath in pastel and other serene colors to create a balanced, organized home for a sometimes clutter-prone sign.

There are two types of Scorpios: those who prefer white on white with lots of texture and, on the opposite end, those who revel in intense colors like crimson, black, and orange. Find a happy medium with a soothing bedroom that features meticulous attention to detail, high-quality furniture, and some bold pieces. As a water sign, many Scorpios tend to live near water, but fake it with an aquarium or Zen fountain if you are landlocked.

You love the smell of the great outdoors. Plant an exuberant garden with bright flowers and beautiful-smelling plants. If you don’t have the space, bring the spirit of the outdoors in with an indoor garden, clover-scented candles, or a fresh fruit bowl. Sagittarius is the international sign of travel, so bring that global sensibility home with collectibles from around the world, religious artifacts, or vintage suitcases.
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A Capricorn loves traditional decor complete with grandfather clocks, leather sofas, wood cabinetry, and all-American brands. Hunter green, navy, and brown are your favorite colors, but add fresh flowers or bright pieces of art to make sure your rooms don’t become too dark. A great work area is vital for you complete with full bookcases and a sturdy desk.
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As ruler of all things modern and futuristic, your home features strong, graphic pieces and modern materials like glass and steel. You may not have the coziest home, but it is impeccably decorated with high-end art and bare hardwood floors. Curate a gallery wall to showcase your art and focus on vibrant hues like blue, violet, indigo, and salmon.

Pisces prize solitude and would do well with a quiet room for meditation or music. Serene sea colors like lilac or green hint at your dreamy nature and connection to the ocean. Install a Zen fountain or aquarium, as water calms you, and decorate with natural fibers such as silk throw pillows. Home to you is a peaceful place to daydream.

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