How to furnish a small house: 6 practical ideas

Looking for an idea to make the best out of small spaces of a small house? Here are 6 practical ideas to make the most of every corner. Small and big tricks, design tips and some furnishing elements that can make the difference.


The opportunity to build a loft is one of the first things to consider if we buy or rent a small two-room or three-room apartment. Placing a bed in the mezzanine will mean an extra room: the one that used to be a bedroom – in which the bed would have took up most of the floor area – is now free: above we will place our bed, while below we can take advantage of the square meters earned for a study or a work room.
However, it should be kept in mind that it is not always possible to build it – the feasibility will be assessed according to the height of the room concerned. In particular: it is necessary to check the regulations in force (there is no common law for the whole of Europe – regulations vary not only from Country to Country but also from region to region)- bearing in mind that, on average, the overall required height is around 4.5 meters approximately (sum of the space above and below the mezzanine).

Minimalist design

Sometimes a few tricks or some single furnishing elements may not be enough to emphasize a small house – that’s why the ideal is to design (or redesign) the entire furnishing following a project of interior minimalist design. Why is minimalist design the best solution for a mini-apartment? Because minimalism prefers essentiality and functionality, simple and harmonious lines and minimizes the frills. At the same time, in a minimalist apartment everything has its place, within a pattern of regular shapes and lines. This will help us in everyday life in a very practical way because a small house – paradoxically – is more difficult to keep in order than a large one.


mensola minerva We already wrote about the importance of keeping everything in order in a small house. And with good reason, because if the order is not maintained the risk is 1) the accumulation of objects in the most disparate corners and 2) to have gradually less and less space available. For this reason, it is absolutely essential to use all empty spaces (if we need extra space for books or small objects) and empty walls (even partially) with shelves.
Shelves are elements that can be used to arrange objects in every room of the house: in the living room, in the bathroom, in the bedroom and even in the kitchen. For example, in Target Point collections we can find many functional shelves with a simple and linear design that can be suitable for different living spaces.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors allow both to gain centimetres that would otherwise be difficult to exploit and to not waste space due to the normal opening of a door. Therefore, better carefully choose sliding doors in line with our furniture (there are many in terms of shape and features on the market: in wood, plastic materials, glass and more) and try to favour if possible doors with some form of transparency: these in fact allow the light to pass through and make the rooms brighter. This gives an impression of greater breadth of the rooms of the house.

Functional counter and comfortable stools

sgabelli digione plus In a small house, the first sacrificed space is often the kitchen: obviously we cannot totally do without it, but we can be forced to reduce its size and / or have an open space with a corner kitchen in your dining room. In these situations, we cannot do anything but opt ​​for:

  1. A functional counter, well-lit and high, instead of a large table.
  2. Some equally high stools.
    But pay attention to the choice of stools: it is easy to underestimate the importance of the seats, when instead we should be sure to buy not only beautiful, but also functional and comfortable ones. For us, everyday comfort is at stake. Inside the modern Target Point catalogue, for example, you can find extremely versatile design stools estremamente versatili (some of which are also with adjustable seat down to chair height).


specchera dropsAs we said on transparent doors, brightness is a tool that we must use to our advantage to make the space feel bigger. For the same reason, we should consider the idea of ​​placing mirrors in our small house not only in our bathroom, but also in the living room, kitchen or in the bedroom.

Among the many advantages of a mirror there is also the possibility of using it to create optical illusions, or to enhance a narrow or dark area of ​​our apartment. Not only: unlike other bulkier items of furniture, a mirror can be moved and repositioned with ease. In our collection some mirrors sare particularly suitable for a small house.

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