How to furnish the garden

What do we need to design a garden that is beautiful, efficient and suitable for our spaces? Here a mini-guide to furnishing and to necessary garden items, with detail on the basic elements that cannot be missed: flooring, garden chairs set, covering.


If we have a large garden at our disposal, we may consider the possibility of partially paving it with walkways between one area and another or, even simpler, we could focus on a single area that we will be paving for a specific purpose – to make it a corner bar or a relaxation area, for example.
Whatever our choice, the type of flooring must be decided in line with the style of the garden, that of the house and that of the decided area (is it more country or modern?). Once the destination of use has been chosen, it is time to determine the most suitable material:

  • Concrete slabs (with grapavimentazione giardinovel base). The result is simple but suitable for different solutions, including the installation of a fixed outdoor barbecue or a fireplace.
  • Surface pebbles (with gravel base). The tiles can be of various materials (concrete, stone or brick for a more rustic look). This solution is ideal for walkways but is also suitable for most of the functions we may need for our garden area.
  • Wood or laminate (with gravel base). Wood is one of the most beautiful and certainly the most attractive surfaces if we want to build a living area or a play area. The only difficulty, however, is that it is not so easy to manage: wood needs regular maintenance. This is why a plastic laminate floor can be a more than valid alternative: it requires much less care and probably we will never have to replace a part of the floor because of consumption.
  • Special base with draining materials and shock-resistant rubber tiles. This is the 100% perfect solution for a children’s play area: you can choose between different sizes and colours (usually with a rather country look) and it will be a solid and safe base for outside games.
Garden table and chairs set

This is the basic furniture element of every single garden. Depending on the economic availability and the choice of flooring and management, we can orient ourselves on two materials (excluding plastic):

  • Wood: the most claset giardinossic choice and certainly the best to create traditional and comfortable environments. But we will have to be careful to its maintenance, as wood is generally very perishable. To counterbalance the effect of atmospheric agents, for example, we’d better prefer acacia, rattan or teak (which are also more resistant to molds). Rattan – unlike the other two types of wood – is also very suitable for a modern garden, because of its colour.
  • Wrought iron or steel: they have the advantage of solidity and strength and perfectly suitable for an elegant and design corner of the garden. Unlike wood, wrought iron and steel have no fear for corrosion due to atmospheric agents.
Gazebo or pergola
  • he gazebo is the solution that u
    arredare giardino
    Summer Hanging Plants Gazebo Garden

    sually requires more space, but is perfect if what we want is to use a part of our garden for receptions or for our relaxation at the back from sun and rain. The gazebo is usually easy to dismantle (although there are also some fixed models) and is composed of support poles, a roof, a tarpaulin cover and opening walls. Usually, you should do nothing more but pull a tarpaulin to open or close it and shield the inside from the sun, or to let in air and sunlight. There are many models available and we can divide them by material: wood (always pay close attention to maintenance), wrought iron (resistant and a good option for a shabby chic gazebo), woven resin (light and resistant, but fading over time), or in aluminium or steel (light and easy to disassemble).

  • The pergola (or pergolato) is a fixed structure composed of support poles and an open self-supporting structure. Usually it has no walls or windows. Unlike the gazebo, the pergola being a permanent structure, we will have to choose its layout very carefully. Moreover, the pergola is not only a space of great utility to look for a little shelter on summer days, but also a beautiful furnishing solution if we love plants and we want to try to have it covered by a vine, by ivy or from another climbing plant. As for the gazebo, we will also have to choose our pergola paying close attention to the materials: in wood (the most characteristic and satisfying from the visual point of view but always difficult to manage for the treatment and care of the boards), in wrought iron or cast iron (elegant, but sturdy and heavy, usually for safety it is good to fix it to a wall), in aluminium (light, anti-corrosive and long lasting).

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