How to light up the outdoor

Spotlights or LED lighting? A brief guide on the best solutions to illuminate an external porch, a façade, columns or a garden.

Why illuminating?

Let’s start with the most important question: why should we lighten our outdoor spaces? The main reasons are three:

  • For an aesthetic reason. That should never be underestimated: even a garden must be as pleasant as any other corner of the house. Lighting can be a good way to enhance everything in our visual range.
  • For the livability. What is a garden for if we can’t use it? Or if we can only use it only partially, or only on certain hours of the day? A well-lit outdoor space will allow us to take advantage of it at any time (perhaps even for an after-dinner with friends).
  • For security. Placing at least some lamps in the perimeter of the house can act as a deterrent against possible thieves.


Spotlights are suitable not only for spreading light both over large areas and at precise points, but also to create cool light design effects. This is why we recommend spotlights in particular to illuminate the façade of a house, or the columns of an avenue or a porch.
Adding two clarifications: 1) If we can, let’s project the light beam upwards – to avoid the possibility of being blinded by a light that instead comes from the top down; 2) Let’s not abuse of light if we want to avoid the increase in light pollution in our city or in our neighborhood and instead choose not to keep them on all night long, but only as needed.

LED lights

The main advantage of LED lights is soon said: a great saving in the bill – with a higher purchase cost. This is why today it is possible, for example, to use LED technology to illuminate large areas without spending too much money on electricity: all you need is to buy LED wallwashers . These lights are capable of illuminating large surfaces and can distribute light both symmetrically and asymmetrically: a perfect use for facades or large alleys.
Equally useful can be smart LED lamps, thanks to which we can finally have customizable and easily adjustable lights. On the market there are models that allow notification and alarm settings, color adjustment, dynamic effect creation and remote control (switching off/on, intensity regulation). All this without having to install any complex timer, but being able to control everything via app (this is the case of Lily spotlights by Philips).

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