how to take care of your table

Cleaning the house always ends with the floors, but it certainly starts from the table, which represents one of the most used and exposed surfaces to the dust that settles every day. But each type of table must be cleaned differently, both as regards the methods and the products to be used.

Here are our tips.

Porcelain stoneware table
Before we begin, it is good to understand what we are dealing with. Porcelain stoneware is a very compact and hard paste porcelain that can be colored and decorated with different textures. Its compactness makes it a firm and very resistant element; it is not a porous material, which makes the porcelain stoneware tables waterproof and, consequently, easily washable and very resistant to the most stubborn stains such as those of oil.
Due to its characteristic absence of porosity, dirt does not penetrate inside the top; for ordinary cleaning, therefore, just a few simple precautions are enough. Wash the table with hot water and mix inside, optionally:
– Ammonia
– Alcohol and vinegar
– Detergents for cleaning kitchen countertops

Be careful to avoid waxes or oil-based products: given the high impermeability of the stoneware, they are useless and they risk making the surface very slippery.

Laminate table
The laminate is very hard and resistant, resists wear and the action of external agents, does not undergo color changes if exposed for a long time to sunlight and its maintenance does not require great efforts.
The only precautions to keep in mind are two:
– Avoid ammonia based products, which dull the surface
– Avoid wetting it excessively because, despite being resistant to humidity, an excess of water can cause stagnation and infiltrations capable of damaging it in depth.

For daily cleaning, simply use a well-wrung wet cloth. To act against the dirt of a few days, however, you can resort to a solution made at home with 3 liters of water, ¼ glass of vinegar and 2 spoons of alcohol. Just dip in a microfibre cloth, wring it out well and then pass it on the laminate to bring it back to its original shine.

Glass table
One of the most elegant and refined pieces of furniture for the dining room is certainly the glass table. Bright, pleasant to the eye and to the touch, it is however a real hard bone when it comes to cleaning, as the surface is easy to scratch if the right precautions and suitable products are not used.
To sanitize the table, without fear of ruining it, it is important to act effectively and efficiently. First of all it is good to remove the dust daily with an electrostatic cloth.
Normal washing, to be done about every 7-10 days, involves the use of special detergents for the glass surfaces, to be sprayed on a cloth (those that do not leave lint) and applied with circular movement on the whole surface, insisting on more where there are halos.
In the case of stains, especially dry ones, which tend to get stuck, we have to do something else. In this case we will have to soften the stain with warm water and try to eliminate it little by little, rubbing with a soft cloth. We have to repeat the operation until it disappears.
The last step is always with the glass product, to eliminate all traces of halos and make our glass top shine. If we want, we can also use warm water and vinegar or water and denatured alcohol, two solutions that make the crystal shine.
For extraordinary cleaning, we can buy spray glass cleaning soaps. These products are foamy based and degrease in depth.

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