Ideas for decorating the terrace

Is the house too narrow and you would we like to enjoy our – small or large – terrace to its best? You can do it with a few tricks and with a few targeted purchases: the right chairs and table, a few plants… and an extra touch to transform our balcony into a real relaxation area, or a play area for children.

What is absolutely needed

Just a few square meters are enough to ensure our own corner where to go out, enjoy a sunny day, read a book, listen to a podcast or have a coffee with our partner. In this space, what you definitely need are a few seats and a table top. In particular, if space allows, let’s have a look to a Target Point’s extendable tables.

How to create the right environment

illuminazione terrazzoIndeed, table and chairs are not enough, especially if we want to make our terrace as personal and welcoming as possible. To do this, let’s use lighting: the available choices are several among lamps, spotlights and light beams. We would like to recommend a couple of these, easy to find and far from difficult to install:

  • External wall light: let’s place them in an elevate position, not far from where we could be reading and possibly not too high – to limit light pollution and not to annoy the neighbours.
  • String of lights: let’s use chains of bulbs to give a romantic touch and indulge ourselves with the composition. These strings of lights can cover from 4 to 15 meters in length, so you may try with different compositions: weave the lights, overlap them, or buy different ones in colour and intensity.

Add some green

If we want to add a touch of green to our balcony but we don’t want to use the usual flowers, why not try vertical pot holders? Using these we can transform our terrace into a small green oasis, maybe choosing the piece matching our furniture and adding small details: maybe a pot holder with a green iron chain, or one made in rope – perfect for shabby chic -, or in ceramic for those who prefer a classic style.

Some extra comforts (even for children)

tappeto terrazzoThe addition of a carpet to our terrace brings many advantages: a carpet gives an addition of colour, but above all – if we keep it clean with frequent washing – we can move barefoot and make the terrace a small beach or at least a small picnic area. Both for us and for our children.
To find the most suitable carpet for our and our family’s needs, let’s choose a medium-sized one made from Recycled Plastic Bottles; or a sombre washable beige jute thread rug perfect for giving a beach effect.

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