Italian museums online: exclusive videos and behind the scenes

Culture does not stop in these emergency weeks: it just goes online. Exclusive content, behind the scenes, educational materials produced by museum staff or by illustrious occasional collaborators: from Milan to Naples, these are some of the digital resources made available free.
A selection taken from the best museums of modern and contemporary art in Italy.

Maxxi in Rome

The National Museum of the 21st Century Arts (aka Maxxi) joins the Ministry’s #iorestoacasa campaign with a wide range of videos, available on many platforms. Here are a few:

CINEMA: the curator of the Extra DOC Festival Mario Sesti provides a series of “micro-lessons” on-screen on cinema.
ARTIST TOUCH: raids by artists come together with unpublished video lessons like Altan, the creator of the Pimpa.
COLLECTION: the story of a work presented in the museum by a member of the MAXXI staff.
BOOKS: writers present their books.
DESIGN: insights into the objects that have marked the history of design.

Where to find the contents of the MAXXI:

Video: Altan, La Pimpa. I am at home

Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice

The Guggenheim in Venice, one of the historic “Italian” collections of contemporary art, joins #iorestoacasa by proposing on its Facebook and Instagram channels presentations of the works included in the permanent exhibition at Palazzo Venier by young interns. To date, among the artists presented we find Joseph Cornell, Jackson Pollock, Gino Severini, Piet Mondrian and Eva Renee Nele.

Where to find the contents of the Guggenheim:

Video: Giulia talks to us about Piet Mondrian

Pinacoteca Brera in Milan

One of the richest art collections in Italy is undoubtedly the Pinacoteca Brera n Milan with its exhibition routes ranging from prehistoric art to the twentieth century.
Since the beginning of the COVID-19 emergency, the gallery staff has made many contents available (videos and not only) accessible from the website, from the YouTube channel or from social media. For fans of modern art we must highlight two videos – from the series “Notes for a cultural resistance” – on two of the masterpieces of modern painting in Brera: the famous “The Kiss” by Francesco Hayez narrated by the painter Riccardo Taiana and “Flowers” by Giorgio Morandi.

Where to find the contents of the Pinacoteca di Brera:

Video: “The kiss” by Francesco Hayez

GAM in Turin

The Gallery of Modern Art in Turin is one of the most active modern – and contemporary – art galleries in our Country. It owns prestigious collections from the 9th to 19th century, including important pieces like “ “The red girl”” by Modigliani, “ “Portrait of Carolina Zucchi”” by Hayez, ““Portrait of Hena Rigotti”” by Casorati and ““Orange Car Crash”” by Andy Warhol.
But if we want to know more about the works of the GAM collection or the temporary exhibitions that have taken place over the years in via Magenta in Turin, now we can do it thanks to the videos of the #GAMconTE series. Among the video lessons: the director of Il Fotografo Denis Curti who presents the imperfect photos of Helmut Newton, the senior exhibition manager Arianna Bona on the installation “The communicator” by Marina Abramovic, and the director Riccardo Passoni on Chagall’s “Dans non pays”.

Where to find the contents of the GAM of Turin:

Video: Imperfect photos of Helmut Newton

MADRE in Naples

The National Museum of Contemporary Art Donnaregina (or MADRE), ocated in a splendid 19th century building in via Settembrini in Naples, collects works belonging to dozens of international artists – some of which were commissioned for them – including Luciano Fabro, Francesco Clemente, Jeff Koons, Mimmo Paladino, Anish Kapoor, Jannis Kounellis, Giulio Paolini, Rebecca Horn, Sol Lewitt, Burri, Warhol, Schifano, Kiefer and Fontana, Luigi Ontani, Damien Hirst and Robert Rauschenberg, Richard Serra and Richard Long.
MOTHER recently joined the #iorestoacasa governamental initiative inviting artists and creatives to reinterpret some key words and themes that reflect this moment, in which the life of everyone has changed in a few hours: proximity and distance, home, isolation, community, quarantine, family, relationships, transmission, solidarity, contagion, space , border, body, rules, habits, limit, contact, mutation, emergency, embrace, opportunities.
In addition, the digital program “Madre door-to-door” with constantly update contributions of video works on the website and on the Vimeo channel of the museum, including: the performance of Anna Maria Pugliese “Presence” on the problematic nature of everyday life in the San Lorenzo district of Naples; Danilo Correale’s “The Game” (over an hour) work-documentary on three Senese companies that have agreed to participate in a project on the theme of the conflict that resulted in a three-goal football game.

Where to find the contents of the MOTHER in Naples:
Contributi originali per il #iorestoacasa

Video: “The Game” by Danilo Correale

Cover photo: Ingresso del Museo MAXXI a Roma

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