Kitchen tables: synchro-texture laminate and porcelain stoneware in comparison

Being in the kitchen or in the dining room, the table is undoubtedly one of the most important elements in home furnishings.
Its choice is fundamental to complete and characterize the style of the house and it is a focal point of the family dynamics: it is not only the place around which meals are consumed, but also a real sharing point in various moments of the day, and it is where the most important decisions of the family are taken. Around the table we gather to chat, we have a tea with friends, we plan the various activities of the day, and we meet all together when we come back from work.
In addition, the table is an element increasingly used as a workstation or as a base for the most varied activities: a dynamic and versatile furnishing concept in which the furniture is called to go beyond its basic function in order to adapt and meet completely different needs.

This is one of the reasons that constantly pushes us to improve the proposals of our collection of tables, not only from the aesthetic point of view and design, but also in the constant search for resistant and long lasting materials.

For those who love the warm effect of wood but do not want to give up strength and solidity, our Beaver, Desert, Country and White Country laminate finishes are the ideal choice. The innovative “synchro texture” processing allows us to impress on the laminate panel exactly the depth and direction of the wood’s vein, making it difficult to distinguish them from real solid wood. However, this material is much more resistant to shocks, scratches, humidity and temperature changes when compared to solid wood.
The result are resistant, easy to clean tables, which are also easy to combine with existing furniture.
Excellent examples are the SCIROCCO table and the ASTERION table.

For those looking for a very strong table, resistant to the most intense daily use and that does not need to be covered with tablecloths, the ideal choice is a porcelain stoneware top. This is the perfect material for kitchen tables: it is highly resistant to scratches and heat and has a zero absorption of liquids and dirt.
Different finishes are available: in addition to the more classic Graphite, Corda and Cement, we have developed new marble-effect porcelain stoneware finishes. The Arabesque and Carrara tones are for lovers of cool shades while the Emperador is for those looking for warmer tones.
Our “evergreen” like the GIOVE and MARTE table do acquire a new particular charm thanks to these marble finishes, allowing you to live your table without fear of ruining, chipping or scratching your table top.

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