Big part of our domestic activities develop on the table. The lunch, the study, the job and the fun put often to hard test its surface that, if not particularly resistant, it risks to very quickly ruin.

This is one of the motives that pushed us to subsequently improve the proposals of our collection of tables and chairs. The new LIVING COLLECTION, in fact, has been conceived with an only objective: to give you the best of the design, of the efficiency of the used materials, of the durability and of the personalization.

In the specific these are those that we repute the most pregnant novelties.

1. Stoneware top thickness increased
The addition of larger porcelain stoneware tops was also combined with an increase in their thickness, so to further strengthen the resistance to impacts and bending of a material which has already proven to be extraordinary solid.

2. New marble effect stoneware tops
Always in line with market trends, this new collection sees the inclusion of new elegant porcelain stoneware finishes with marble effect and tones ranging from the enveloping warmth of Emperador marble and Bamboo to the cool gradation of Carrara and Arabescato marbles.

3. New next-generation laminates
In this collection we also included the laminate finishes that are proving a great outcome in our Vintage collection. In fact in addition to the Rustico (Country) already present in the collection, you can now also find Castoro (Beaver), Deserto (Desert) and the brand new Bianco Rustico (Country White). These new-generation laminates are more and more difficult to distinguish from real solid wood, as they are realized with a production process technically defined as synchro-texture which allows the panel to be pressed as to exactly reproduce the depth and direction of the wood grain.

4. Not only tables
The introduction of the Soft-Touch Vintage beyond the aesthetic aspect, has its precise functional value.
As a matter of fact, the Vintage effect best masks possible signs of wear such as small stains and abrasions that may be caused by the daily use of the chairs.

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