LYTHOS Table. 4 tops 1 structure.

Choose between porcelain stoneware, laminate, HPL or tempered glass. What would you choose? No, this is not the usual test of your personality. We’re pretty sure you know more about each other than certain psychological theories want to describe.

What we have mentioned are the choices you have to compose LYTHOS, your dining table.

For a structure, in metal-effect laminate, it is possible to choose between 4 types of top. It all depends on your needs and on the location where the table will be placed.

So glass (in the available finishes graphite, corda or extra white) will be the choice for those who love light reflections and transparency, stoneware for those looking for the elegance of marble-effect veins (carrara, arabesque, graphite, emperador), laminate and super contemporary HPL for those looking for resistance in contemporary design (in graphite, ice gray, corda, turtledove).

Lythos is a table that transforms itself: from 160 cm to 240 cm and the particular system of extensions, inserted inside the table and in the same material as the top, allows you to expand the table in a very simple and intuitive way.

Lythos is the right solution for all those who cannot do without freedom, who want to decide for themselves. Even in terms of finishing of the next dining room table.

Target Point, Italian Ideas