Modern sideboards, in vintage style

The trends in furniture for 2019 already register the great return of the sideboard, the revised version of the dear old cupboard that can not only contain everything needed for the table (plates, glasses, cutlery and tablecloths), but also accommodate TV, books, decorations and hi-tech equipment.
But forget about granny’s “big furniture”: modern sideboards have an essential design, clean lines and are suitable to act as a centrical room-splitter, or to be an ideal complement for paintings or shelves if you lean in on the wall.

How to choose the perfect sideboard for your living area? As always, much depends on your tastes and on the existing furniture, but there are some must that are best taken into consideration.

  1. To give more light to the environment it is better to stay on light, delicate and soft tones, or on the classic white or turtledove gray, as in the case of our ELECTA 120 sideboard.
  2. To give a more sophisticated touch, you can play with the materials as in the MODUS sideboard, the only one with two sliding doors, one of which is made of laminate and the other framed in a metal structure painted in Vintage iron effect, wich can be neutral but also further decorated with a Net or Rose effect.
  3. To give an essential touch but with a strong impact on all the furniture, choose a single color sideboard, perfect for every room. For an even cooler effect, opt for the total white and choose ELECTA QUADRA.
  4. Do you often organize aperitifs and buffets with friends? A modern sideboard with generous dimensions such as VERSUS 210 can also be used to support plates in these situations. The beauty of furnishing is also linked to these tinghs, to the possibility of having fun at a creative level, also thinking about the practical implications that a certain element can have.

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