Non-woven wallpaper for a design house

Let’s forget old wallpapers – memories of houses where everything tasted old. Thanks to the new materials available on the market it is now possible to use wallpapers as a true interior design tool: draw lines, rejuvenate rooms and renew entire environments.

Wallpaper: potential and advantages

When compared to wall painting, the advantages are quick to see: with wallpapers it is possible to decorate each room in a different way and easily change it when we want – we may change it after a few years, not requiring long work. Moreover, we can play with full/empty or simple/complex effects, or even place it only in a section of the wall – behind the TV, around the windows, behind the bed header.
Furthermore, the potential of wallpapers from the point of view of an interior design enthusiast is virtually infinite: thanks to the very wide choice of fabrics, colours and designs on the market we can find abstract graphic patterns, macro prints, wall murals, vintage combinations or material effects.

Non-woven fabric wallpaper

Non-woven wallpaper is now one of the most modern and popular materials in interior design. It is composed of both textile and synthetic fibers, and its main characteristics are the similarity of the touch with a “real” fabric, its cheapness and resistance, the high water repellence – it is therefore suitable in combination with vinyl papers -, the excellent perspiration, its being completely washable and the resistance even at high temperatures. Furthermore, thanks to its resins, it can be washed or cleaned with great simplicity, simply by mixing a mild detergent with water.
Last but not least, this paper – unlike old wallpapers – does not need to be soaked, as its installation is fast and easy: just spread a layer of glue or adhesive paste on the wall and then apply the paper on it.
(For more information, please refer to this tutorial).

The best Italian online stores for non-woven wallpaper

An excellent site specialized in wall decorations – including wallpapers, decorating ideas, paints, prints and stickers – with dozens of non-woven wallpaper solutions: from simple baroque grey-black fantasy papers to design floral wallpaper, from brick-wall effect wallpaper to the Versace paper in pink, ocher, gold and green.
Here is a rendering of the “wall-effect” wallpaper:

A site dedicated exclusively to wallpapers (and its accessories), with the possibility to search not only by category, fabric and colour but also by designer: Versace and Roberto Cavalli among others. The choice of non-woven papers is vast and ranges from baroque and sumptuous papers to elegant monochromatic options, from walls with tree-lined weaves to abstract graphic motifs.
Below, from the Wallcover Instagram profile, a wallpaper with an original “Move Your Wall” effect.

Carta da Parati Anni 70

The Wallpaper from the 70s site (despite its name) not only has a good variety of vintage papers but also many modern ones. Among the many models in non-woven fabric you can come across different Urban Jungle, Shabby Chic style papers, many with designs and graphics perfect for children’s rooms, and numerous geometric and abstract models.
From their Instagram profile, a wallpaper with geometric shapes created with patinated towel technique.

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